Constantin PROZOROV


MONCLER (2019)

Fantasies of the subconscious take flight. Luxury fashion house MONCLER invited digital collage artist Constantin Prozorov to interpret its 2019 MONCLER Genius collection alongside London-based designer Richard Quinn. Exploring the regenerative power of daydreaming, Prozorov’s animated collage series composed a multisensory explosion of visual stimuli from natural and supernatural worlds, immersing viewers in parallel universes that are both familiar and strangely exotic at the same time. Inspired by the colour and exuberance of Quinn’s iconic prints, Prozorov’s collages are tantalizing glimpses into alternate realities that exist far beyond the imagination.

“My collage animations offer a dream-like take on Quinn's famous prints. Floral and animal prints complement fantastical landscapes inhabited by mythical creatures and curious geographical forms, forging a strong link between MONCLER’s product and infinite worlds of wonder. The collages are inspired by the idea of ‘a journey into the unknown’; untouched and unexplored worlds hidden deep in space that are full of surprises. I wanted to remind viewers that we are explorers and researchers of our own existence, and it is up to us to discover the depths of our creative subconscious.“