Constantin PROZOROV


MINI (BMW Group, 2023)

An odyssey of boundless creative possibilities. MINI Design Studio invited digital collage artist Constantin Prozorov to create a series of animated visual narratives in his fantastical signature style for the launch of the new MINI model family. With his keen eye for art and design, Prozorov interpreted the forms, details and characteristics of each MINI model in a collage triptych titled MINIVERSUM. Each composed of over 200 layers, the artworks immerse viewers in a playful journey through three fantastical worlds enlivened by urban and natural landscapes, animals, florals and vivacious colour palettes. Prozorov’s premiere collaboration with an automobile brand showcases the evolution of his digital art into new global markets, following a series of celebrated partnerships with luxury fashion houses including Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Moncler. Launched in 2023, Prozorov’s MINIVERSUM captures the visual fantasies created when the imagination runs free.

“In my latest series I embark on a journey of discovery through the intriguing world of MINI. I call it "An odyssey through the Miniverse.”

“My collaboration with MINI is centered around a MINIVERSUM: three surreal collage worlds that interact to tell one cohesive visual story. Each of the works reflects the characteristics and spirit of the three vehicles, immersing people in surreal dreamscapes in which nature, urban environments and mythical creatures collide. I categorized the MINIVERSUM into three elemental worlds; air, water and earth. This represents a harmony with nature that is a key theme in my artistic practice. In each of the three collages I have created a mythical creature that takes us on a mesmerizing voyage through its universe of colours, textures and