Constantin PROZOROV


GLOBUS (2023)

A Christmas fairytale like you’ve never experienced before. Leading luxury Swiss department store GLOBUS chose Constantin Prozorov’s fantastical animated collage technique to bring its poetic-surreal Christmas 2023 campaign to life. Presenting a curated assortment of GLOBUS’ must-have fashion, design and delicacy treasures in snow-covered fantasy worlds of the imagination, Prozorov’s series of five animated collages capture the magic of Christmas in a new dimension. The fairytale journey showcases the artist’s irreplicable signature style, combining elements from art, fashion, nature and technology in intricate layered visual narratives that delight and inspire audiences all over the world.

"In the work, we embark on an enchanting journey through the poetic Swiss landscape, where we encounter iconic landmarks such as the Matterhorn or Maloja Palace. The viewer is invited to explore or rediscover the winter sceneries from a surreal point of view. In doing so, I play with the idea of what if I were to embark on a fairy tale journey through multifaceted Switzerland on a train, experiencing countless and exciting winter adventures."