Daniel BLOM

With his ability to capture authentic moments Swedish photographer Daniel Blom manages to give every image his beautifully serene look - be it a stunning landscape, an athlete in action or his take on transportation photography.

Daniel BLOM

Born in 1981 in Northern Sweden and brought up on the countryside, photographer Daniel Blom always had a close connection to nature. As a kid his biggest passion was snowboarding, which brought him to photography as a way to document his friends while riding. He started always searching for better riders to photograph, which eventually lead to him becoming a senior photographer for Snowboarder magazine in the USA. This gave him the opportunity to spend more than 200 days a year chasing snow all over the globe and working for brands such as Burton, Quicksilver, Red Bull, Coke, Nike and Adidas. His book project 'Drifting Decade' sums up his experience and celebrates his 10 years in the snow scene.

In 2007 he moved back to Sweden and started pursuing work outside of snowboarding, mainly focussing on lifestyle, sport and automotive, and always trying to give his photographs a natural, real feeling.


Recent clients include BMW, AUDI, Fjällräven, Skoda, Google, Marshall, SEAT, HP, Ikea, POC, Toyota, Lexus, Absolut and Adidas.


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