Niklas HAZE

Photographer Niklas Haze, based in Berlin and London, explores the intricacies of beauty in his work for publications like Wallpaper and V Magazine. His unique aesthetic, influenced by science fiction and nature, challenges observers' perceptions through thoughtful compositions.

Niklas HAZE

Photography has always played a major role in Niklas Haze's life: While growing up on professional sets all around the world, he quickly discovered the uniqueness of this art. Based between his hometown Berlin and London, the photographer and director realised projects for Wallpaper, Perfect Magazine, V Magazine, Cero, Numero Berlin and many others. Haze's main goal is to shed light on the complexity of beauty while following his strong aesthetics. Thanks to his two diametral main influences – science fiction pop-culture and pure nature – his work takes us into foreign spheres. Though-through picture compositions play with the observer's perception of the world.


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