Marek's photography, characterised by his visual style, serves as a bridge for building genuine connections with clients, while also reflecting his personal journey and creative expression by pushing artistic boundaries in the fashion industry.


Born in Czechoslovakia during the post-communist era, Marek channels his surroundings and experiences as integral themes that stand at the helm of his photography. With a strong interest in psychology, Marek encourage new ways of thinking, not only by breaking patterns of the past, but by breathing new life into the traditional ones.

Marek's photography is an intimate reflection of his personal journey, cultural and political shifts and the experiences that have shaped him. Photography has encouraged him to discover unforeseen perspectives, exploring the inner and outer world through creative expression.

Throughout his career, Marek has worked with magazines including Vogue Czechoslovakia, Vogue Portugal, GQ Portugal, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle & Elle Decoration and many more. He has also colaborated with fashion brands, product designers and music producers.

At the epicentre of his work, Marek believes that the process of creativity is not only a means of self-expression, but a way to communicate and connect with others. His approach centres around building genuine connections with people, a process that enables him to share ideas and create meaningful work that leads to mutual growth, inspiration and boundary-pushing art.


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