Jason Hetherington has been known to experiment with creative and conceptual photography. This may involve using unique lighting techniques, props, and settings to convey a particular message or evoke emotions. Such work often pushes the boundaries of traditional photography and showcases his artistic vision ld.


Jason Hetherington was born in London, 1972 to Irish parents and was raised in both Ireland and England. His father built a dark room in their home and was Jason's inspiration to pick up a camera and start taking pictures and developed his passion during his teenage years whilst spending time in rural Ireland. This led him to appreciate the beauty of light and the landscape and upon leaving school aged 18 he got an apprenticeship at a family portrait studio. Soon after he moved to London and began assisting Fashion Photographers, establishing himself as a hardworking Assistant, working in the days of photographic film, traveling to many far-flung locations around the world. After 6 years of of assisting and honing his craft, he made the jump to becoming a fully-fledged Photographer in his own right and hasn't looked back since. Jason is well-respected in the industry for his skillful manipulation of light and he is inspired by 6os music, subcultures and Iconography.


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