Constantin PROZOROV

Fashion artist and Instagram influencer Constantin Prozorov takes works with imagery from the latest collections and fashion trends, and reinterprets them in his imaginative collages. With these creative interpretations he invites us into a magical world combining classic art, high fashion and modern pop culture. 


Constantin Prozorov (born January 08, 1986 in Almaty, Kazakhstan) is a German artist who lives and works in Paris. 
Constantin specializes in collages that blend cultural elements from different eras to create a compelling visual language and narrative. Each of his works is like a scenic storybook that draws the reader into a wondrous, otherworldly exploration. Constantin's works are mainly done in the digital collage technique, and his approach to image creation demonstrates a new kind of visual thinking that is urgently needed for the Anthropocene era. His compositions contain a kaleidoscope of characters and motifs that often merge into the surreal while offering the possibility of rational interpretation: Renaissance art and high-end fashion, mythical creatures and robots, flora and fauna, world cities and urban worlds are often transported into an enigmatic environment.
While collage art has existed for centuries, Constantin has developed a novel approach to using it as a vehicle for fashion storytelling on social media through a wildly artistic lens. 
To a wider public he is best known for his collaborations with international luxury brands, likes of Moncler, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. Constantin’s artwork has been featured in some of the world's most prestigious publications, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel.


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