Benjamin is a Hamburg-based transportation photographer who creates special settings that emphasize the design of the car. Through his use of warm and natural lighting the vehicles in his images perfectly harmonize with his strong portrait work and stunning landscapes.


Benjamin Pichelmann was born in December of 1976 in northern Germany. After assisting for international photographers he decided to focus on transportation photography in 2010. Since being represented by SCHIERKE Artists, he has expanded his spectrum to people/celebrities & CGI. He mostly works with natural lights, just using artificial light to accentuate what is already given. Benjamin often co-works on film projects where he also offers his art direction to achieve the best result possible. Fast and precise work with great pleasure and good mood are his speciality.
Benjamin is working for magazines such as Ramp, Rampstyle, GQ, Ferrari Magazine and for Audi AG, Drive now, Daimler AG, amongst others.

Benjamin lives in Hamburg and works all around the world - permanently happy


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