Illustrator and motion artist Annika LISCHKE captivates with her colorful and surreal collages and gifs in which she combines art, fashion and photography to create new shapes and texutres. Check out how her artistic vision also translates to her work as a prop & set stylist in our styling section.


Born 1978 in Frankfurt am Main.

While still studying at the University of the Arts in Berlin, Annika worked as a part-time model in Paris and Milan. This gave her the opportunity to look behind the scenes and become familiar with the visual codes of professional fashion photography. The same time Jacques Schumacher as her professor and mentor, encouraged Annika to translate her early drawings  into 3- dimensional set-designs. It was also under his supervision that she started experimenting and realising her first paperworks and collages.

Since then, she collaborated with internationally acclaimed photographers such as David Bellemere, Indlekofer and Knöpfel, Mel Karch and Nathaniel Goldberg, amongst others. Her works appeared in international and national publications such as Vogue Casa, Marie Claire, Harpers and Queen, ZEIT Magazine and TUSH Magazine. Annika lives in Berlin and Munich with her husband and two sons.


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