Andreas MÜHE

Andreas is an art photographer with strong, engaging work in architecture and people photography projects. His interest lies mainly in contemporary, historical and political themes that he stages in powerful settings with theatrical light, leaving the viewer intrigued by the surreal atmosphere and his subjects lost in room and space.

Andreas MÜHE

Lebt und arbeitet in Berlin / Lives and works in Berlin

Geboren in Karl-Marx-Stadt / Born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Germany

Ausbildung / Education

Ab / From 09 / 2001
Freiberuflicher Fotograf in Berlin mit Fokus auf Potrträt Fotografie / Freelance Photographer in Berlin with focus on portrait photography

Fotoassistenz / Photo assistance, Anatol Kotte, Hamburg

Fotoassistenz / Photo assistance, Ali Kepenek, Berlin

Ausbildung zum Fotolaboranten / education as photo lab technican bei / at PPS Berlin und / and Labor Pixel Grain


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