Die Zauberflöte

Die Zauberflöte 1 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 2 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 3 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 4 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 5 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 6 by Simone SERLENGA
Die Zauberflöte 7 by Simone SERLENGA

All background visuals by Simone Serlenga

Italian set designer Simone Serlenga transplanted to Berlin, Germany offers us an interesting scenic composition for an opera accustomed to theaters, a catwalk of different heights surrounds the orchestra and offers the spectators two different points of view.
An unusual stage design where the performers are immersed in an imaginative dreamlike backdrop, running on a square-shaped catwalk, like a fashion show while singing close to the audience.
A central stage layout was designed to meet several challenges and maximise the space normally used as an event venue, with a 180-degree panoramic screen and concrete walls. Using 90cm raised platform solution, the orchestra is positioned in the centre, in the pit, to enhance optimal sound bounce for the singers as well to surround the both sides audience.
With this 12x12m square-shaped configuration, the audience are located on the two sides of the stage, thus optimally facing the panoramic screen and enjoying the actors immersed in 180-degree canvas storytelling, as if subjects of an abstract painting.
Following Mozart's music and diving into this dreamlike, surreal, masonic world, full of controversy, comes the choice of using colour gradients and pastel tones as video projections. Almost closing their eyes and letting themselves be carried away by the music, the spectators start from the overture on an abstract journey
with a multitude of meanings. | Setdesign Magazine