Constantin PROZOROV



An artful international voyage with a fashionable twist. Luxury Hotel Group SO/ Hotels & Resorts collaborated with Constantin Prozorov to express a tantalising new perspective on its portfolio of eight premium properties across the world. Through a series of striking contrasts between lush natural landscapes and sleek urban cityscapes, animals and humans, day and night, and interior and exterior settings, Prozorov captured the defining characteristics of each property, while also simultaneously weaving them into a seamless visual narrative. The digital collage artist joins a celebrated list of SO/ Hotels & Resorts’ collaborators from the worlds of fashion and art, which includes Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Lacroix and Viktor & Rolf. Effortlessly modern with an impeccably stylish edge, Prozorov’s animated collage captures the brand's diverse creative vision and draws viewers into the heart of its ‘ultra-chic’ international identity.

"For me, the work was about deconstructing the locations, which are unique in themselves, into individual elements to create a harmonious SO/ world in the end. As a result, an exotic, utopian dream world emerged from a thousand images in the end, inviting us to discover it. The work is composed of five collages, which was arranged into a 60 second animation. The journey begins on a beach in one of the SO/ imaginary resorts and glides with the camera over the rooftops of other locations framed by urban elements. Finally, we move to the interior of the hotel, where we encounter different designs carefully thought out by international star designers, all of which come together in my world. The journey through the vibrant SO/ world finally ends in an ultra chic setting with a view of a sunrise over the city. In 60 seconds, we go from dawn to night, experiencing all facets of a day at SO/ Hotels & Resorts."