Constantin PROZOROV



A multidimensional tribute to heritage. Celebrating LOUIS VUITTON’s 200-year anniversary through the #LOUIS200 campaign, the Maison engaged digital collage artist Constantin Prozorov in a creative collaboration to interpret its legacy and the visionary spirit of its founder. Composed as a virtual journey, Prozorov’s digital collage referenced the Maison’s physical and thematic evolution. The work was showcased in the windows of LOUIS VUITTON boutiques globally, and went on to tour the world as part of a group exhibition starting in Paris and travelling to Singapore, Los Angeles and New York.

"The artwork is the product of three essential aspects that inspired me to create it: the past, the present and the future. The presence of the trunk represents the past and the innovative genius of Louis Vuitton himself. I explored the last collection by Virgil Abloh to evoke the Maison’s contemporary identity, and also to create a more stylistically surreal world. The animated collage technique represents a future vision, and the idea of a virtual journey of discovery. The trunk is therefore an object that comes to us from outer space with the purpose of revealing the beauty of our planet, which it then absorbs and ‘wears’ as a kind of protective garment. It’s like a bird that adorns itself with the most rare and beautiful feathers ever to exist.”