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Anke Raab-Riechert
Creative Consultant
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Marc Krause's passion for modern, graphic photography developed from an early age on and remained with him throughout his art studies. 

The influence of strong graphic elements in his work is unmistakeable and gives a calmness and stability to his portrait, fashion and still life work. He loves staging the ordinary and making it extraordinary. 
His way of working and use of light give his subjects an honest, natural and modern look. 

Currently Marc is based in Frankfurt and is focused on portrait and fashion photography. 

He has worked for clients such as L'Officiel Germany, FFM Magazine, Le Mile Magazine, SYN Magazine, Spiegel, Stern, Verreum Prague, Liebeskind, Robert Johnson, Lufthansa Magazine, Bilanz Magazin, Art Magazin, AD Magazine, Monopol, Lika Mimika, Early....