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Anke Raab-Riechert
Creative Consultant
+49 69 17 00 20 13


Born 1976 in the north of Germany.

Why cars?

He probably wouldn´t give a complex answer to whom is asking this question. But he might say: "because for me cars are one of the most fascinating design objects". You really understand what he loves about shooting cars when you see him at work. He literally falls into a trance hanging out of a driving cars´s trunk in front to capture the perfect dynamic of his model driving behind or sitting on a grass strip in the middle of a racetrack waiting for the drivers to slide their cars into the turn. While others are portraying people, Benjamin is portraying cars. He is a visionary who always tries to capture each car´s uniqueness and characteristic design. Even the smallest detail is well worth for him to be captured in a picture. His images often invite the viewer to jump in the car and take a race. Besides his automotive photographs his portfolio also shows several portraits, because in addition to his passion for cars, he is a passionate friend of people.

Benjamin is working for magazines such as Ramp, Rampstyle, GQ, Ferrari Magazine and for Audi AG, Drive now, Daimler AG, amongst others.

Benjamin lives in Hamburg and works all around the world - permanently happy