Fashion photographer Sara uses her photography as a way to show us a more playful, dream-like world. Her artistic use of colour and creative choice of settings gives her work the narrative character that she is known for.


Sara Wilson is a Los Angeles based fashion photographer.  Having lived in Germany and the UK for the last 20 years, she is at home working in most of the worlds most beautiful and well known locations. There is always a sense of fun and laughter on set with her, but with that comes the absolute professionalism that her many clients have come to know and love about shooting with her.

She recently was the recipient of 1st Prize in Wildlife category for the Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for Women Photographers, for her photograph, Atonement & her work in Rhino Conservation.

Clients:  Macys, Breuninger, Yves Rocher Paris, Tommy Hilfiger, Marie Claire, Elle, Elle Girl, Glamour, Cosmo Girl, Cosmopolitan, Gala, Womans Health, Woman UK, Carrier Destinations UK, Ernstings, Carl Gross, Club of Gents, Debenhams, Impressionen, TK Maxx, Comma, HSE24, Liverpool Mexico, Mexican Vogue, Kaufhof, Marks & Spencers


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