Luke Edward HALL

Luke´s work combines Greco-Roman aesthetics and crumbling English country house style with a dash of Palm Springs. He truly is an all-arounder not only creating stunning art works but also beautiful textiles, stationery, hand-painted ceramics and intricate accessories. He is based in London.


Luke Edward Hall is a London-based interior designer and artist. He founded his eponymous range of homewares and fabrics in 2014.

Luke graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 after studying menswear fashion design. He worked for the acclaimed interior designer Ben Pentreath before setting up his own studio in the autumn of 2015. A January 2016 article described him as `the interior design world´s 26-year-old wunderkind´.

Luke primarily works as an artist and illustrator, and has recently completed commissions for the Parker Palm Springs hotel in California and menswear label Drake´s. He is collaborating with iconic British fashion house Burberry over the summer of 2016.

Luke held his first exhibition of drawing and paintings and a pop-up shop in London´s Bloomsbury for the month of April 2016. During this time he also took part in a group exhibition, `Young Bright Things´ at David Gill Gallery in Mayfair.


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