Gerhard captures the true and authentic moments of life with his staged snapshot photography.


Born in Weimar / Germany Gerhard Linnekogel got his first camera in the age of 13, ever since than he is taking picutres. He is working professional
since he was 17 years old. He worked as 1st assistant for various well known people photographers in Germany. After his time as an assistant in Germany he went to London in the age of 21 and worked for different photographers as Michael Joseph, Cad Hall and Christa Peters. He is working as freelance photographer and member of BFF since the age of 29.
1987 solo exhibition at Olympus Gallery Hamburg
"Das Mädchchenbuch" was honoured international with the Cresta Award in New York, shortlist in Cannes and at the ADC of Europe, the most important award of the year.
2009 project "Down to Earth" in collaboration with the artist Arne Quinze
various group exhibition Gruppenausstellungen in 2011 at "Westwerk Hamburg" and 2012 / 2013 at "On-Off-Gallery and 2014 at "Das Kleine Schwarze" in Hamburg
Gerhard Linnekogel is specialized on staged snapshots with authentic people.


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