Hamburg based photographer Bastian Görgens' photography is inspired by the intense emotionality and the technical requirements of the latest car designs that he strives to combine in his dynamic automobile motives. His eye for elegant settings and skill with natural light give his images an unique look.


Bastian Görgens has been working in various realms of photography, such as food, interior and people before he eventually got into automobile photography in 2004. His passion for this specific field of photography is based  on its gripping mix of tense emotionality combined with the technical requirements of the latest car designs.
Bastian has gained profound experience by assisting various renowned photographers for several years. In 2011 he started working on his own and making a name for himself. Since then Bastian has been expanding his portfolio, especially in the area of transportation, people and still photography.


Some of his clients are Audi, BMW, Car2Go, Mercedes Benz, VW, VW Nutzfahrzeuge, Porsche.


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