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SCHIERKE Magazine is back. This time, we portray our car photographer Mirko Westerbrink who is working for international car brands like Porsche, Mercedes or Land Rover. His style of photography could be described as clean and candid bringing fashion, people and transportation into an effortless harmony.

Alexa Heyn

Born in Germany and raised in the Netherlands, Mirko Westerbrink’s camera has been an extension of his arm for as long as he can remember. We talked to the 29-year-old photographer about the future of car photography, certain workflows and his biggest inspirations.

The most important thing for him is to always give the client a good feeling, no matter if it is a smaller or bigger job. Stress is always part of every job. No problem at all, because Mirkos superpower is his peaceful manner.
I think I have a certain calmness or composure about me. Which is often said to me as something positive because I still function in some stressful situations

Mirko Westerbrink

Mirko's biggest source of inspiration is his family. His daughter, in particular, is his pride and joy, and the way she looks at the world also partly flows into his work. Besides this, his wife's Japanese roots are a big influence for his work.
Japan is a big inspiration, architecture wise or fashion wise

Mirko Westerbrink

Interview: Alexa Heyn

Editing: Frederik Schulte



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