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Alexa von Arnim
Creative Consultant
Phone Munich: +49 89 189 55 25 23
Phone Paris: +33 6 03 31 86 86


"I grew up in Denmark in the countryside where it was very quiet and peaceful. In the end it became too peaceful for me and I moved to Copenhagen in 2001 where I got a job in a camera shop and started assisting. I still enjoy going back to the area where I grew up, but I can´t stay too long before I get impatient and restless.
I´m influenced by the places I travel to and the people around me since I really enjoy looking at people. It´s very interesting and inspiring how different everyone looks. For me fashion is about personality and this should also be reflected in fashion photography.
Now I live between Berlin and Copenhagen and work all over Europe."


L´Officiel Italy, Marie Claire France, Grazia France, Grazia Germany, Dansk, I Love You, Tush, Cover, Flair Germany, Elle, Novembre....