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Anke Raab-Riechert
Creative Consultant
+49 69 1700 20 13


After graduating from high school in 2011 Jonathan Niclaus began working for the Düsseldorf Film production & design studio Parasol Island as an intern, and six months later was invited back into the team as a designer / illustrator. There he worked both solo and collectively on editorial advertising, fashion, music and film projects.
After 3 year at Parasol Island he decided to take the next step. He moved to Portsmouth in the UK where he worked with the established design studio Ilovedust. Here he got the chance to adept more various graphic design & illustration techniques, including book covers, posters, typography styles and retail design etc.
Whilst working at Ilovedust he also worked on own projects to develop & enhance his own style. In 2015 he got in contact with the Berlin based travel guide publisher LOST iN and they started collaborating on a series of illustrations for short stories since then.